Victor Ajayi

Nigerian-born Artist, from Ireland Victor Ajayi is a life-long artist. His work can be described as realist with narrative and impressionistic elements. Specializing in charcoal and oil paint, he began his artistic career at the tender age of 10 and began selling professionally at 16.

Entirely self-taught, he has been refining his work in oils and charcoal ever since. From childhood to adulthood, Victor’s work has evolved. As he aged, his art matured with him.

Every piece has an element of mystery and melancholy to it. Figures and scenes are his prime subject matter, but it goes beyond that. Victor’s passion for photography and film translates into his art. His compositions resemble a scene from a dramatic movie paused in the moment of suspense.

Currently working and residing in Stockholm, Sweden, Victor continues to tell more stories and pursue more ways to create exhilarting experiences through art.